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Hunter Civil & Construction provides superior Civil and construction services to commercial and residential sites throughout the Hunter Region of New South Wales

We are well equipped to professionally complete a range of excavation and associated works, including house site preparation, commercial works, basement car parks, preparation for landscaping, drainage, demolition and a whole lot more.

Our dedicated team of employees and sub-contractors ensure every stage of your project is completed thoroughly.

All operators hold white cards, certificates of competency and receive ongoing safety and skills training.

The professional team at Hunter Civil & Construction undertake every task efficiently, with a focus on upholding Occupational Health and Safety standards.


When it comes to site and civil services, we are the high-performance leader delivering every project at the lowest total cost and least amount of risk. With detailed and extensive pre-planning, we help you control costs and stick to schedules. You reap the benefits of a single, focused organization who not only has your interests at heart, but who also has the know-how to get the job done safe, right, and on time.


A solid foundation is essential when building. Levelling a site is a part of the preparation for the foundation work. We can service your detailed excavation from levelling the ground until you are ready to pour your footings. Many different types of foundation are used in today’s constructions. Such types can be strip footings, pad footings, soldier piers or even drilled piers. Hunter Civil & Construction (HCC) has the right sized machines and the attachments to dig trenches from 200mm wide and up, and drill piers from 300mm to 900mm, and up to 9 meters deep. And with a range of machines from 1.5 tonnes up to 36 tonnes, no job is too small or too big. Detailed Excavation a crucial part of many construction projects, detailed excavation needs to be done by someone with experience and skill. Our team has years of experience and specialise in detailed excavation. HCC and our operators have the experience, skill and equipment to complete your detailed excavation to your exact specifications.


HCC can handle all of your bulk excavation needs, from single level basement car parks to multi-level basement car parks, from easy access sites to one-off difficult jobs and hard-to-reach locations. In fact HCC prides itself on our bulk excavation abilities. HCC use the latest technology for greater accuracy and efficiency. We use the latest laser guiding equipment to ensure all our excavations are right the first time and every time, by using laser guided technology HCC can perform straight, curved or tapered excavations and fills. We also excavate and remove all fill material from the bulk excavation providing you with a total bulk excavation service and peace of mind.


As a bulk haulage specialist, we have built a reputation for providing quality and reliable service. Our quality service is delivered on the ground in tangible ways that are noticed by our clients, depending on the size of your job we can provide anything from one bogie truck to multiple truck and dog’s whatever is required from small excavation jobs or to suit the demands of larger and extensive excavation sites to ensure no down time is lost and all machinery is kept operating, saving our clients added costs. HCC's extensive range of bulk haulage equipment ensures that whatever the job we can guarantee it gets done quickly, efficiently and safely. All HCC's bulk haulage equipment is up to date and complies with all safety and RMS requirements. From Heavy rigid tippers to heavy duty low loaders HCC can supply the right vehicle for any job.


Once you are ready for construction you may require site preparation and clearing works which may consist of clearing away vegetation, trees and stumps from your building site, including whatever rough grading that is necessary, and staking the house or building location in preparation for installation of the footings and foundations. HCC appropriately selects machinery based on the site plus the type and quantity of the work to be done. Often the machinery changes during the stages of site preparation from bobcat, to drott to excavator and anything in-between. It’s always important to have the right equipment on site. HCC will provide the most suitable and cost effective way to have your site cleared and prepared for construction, as specialist in site clearing and preparation, we make sure that all our customers are kept happy throughout the process by providing quality and affordable solutions.



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